Kamakura Gion Omachi Matsuri

Kamakura Gion Omachi Matsuri

SHINKO Festival

( Owatari )

13:00 to 17:00 Sat 13 July 2019

Owatari is the daytime procession of the mikoshi on the first day of the festival. The mikoshi is carried by men attired in hakuchou , traditional shrine work attire consisting of a white gown and a black hat. The approaching mikoshi is announced by the ohayshi, a large taiko drum, that leads the procession through the neighborhood. As the drum sounds come closer, neighborhood residents wait in front of their homes to greet the owatari procession. As it passes, it is customary to make a monetary offering to the local deity enshrined in the mikoshi as a purification ritual. An offering box saisen-bako with the chief preist follows the mikoshi for this purpose. It is also common for parents to pass under the mikoshi carrying their young children to pray for the child's safety and healthy growth which is known as mikoshi-kugurii. You might also spot Tengu (red mask) who acts as a bridge between the spirit world and the human word.

Participants are generally local residents, but this is also a unique cultural event that attracts participants from afar, and all participants must make ADVANCED arrangements with the Omatsuri Organization.Please contact info@kamakura-omachi.jp for further information.